Dawn Way Improvements

Dawn Way Project Area Map

The City of Inver Grove Heights is beginning the planning process for the Dawn Way Improvements project scheduled for 2023. 

Project Update - October 2021

Project staff has completed its review of the existing street and utility infrastructure. Based on the preliminary findings, the project has two distinct areas with different infrastructure needs. The western portion of the original project needs immediate rehabilitation work; the eastern portion of the original project has a different style of streets and is not as pressing and therefore able to be addressed in future rehabilitation work.

By breaking the project into two pieces, the city can deliver the first piece in 2023. The eastern portion of the original project area can be addressed as part of a future project that is better suited to serve the style of streets in that neighborhood.

Feasibility Report

A feasibility report will be prepared.

Tentative Project Timeline:

  • Begin Construction: Spring 2023
  • Substantial Completion: Fall 2023

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Project staff appreciates your patience during the preliminary review of this project. These are large neighborhood projects with unique pavement conditions. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either the consultant Project Manager or Assistant City Engineer via the contact info below.