Night to Unite

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Night to Unite is typically observed annually on the first Tuesday of August.

Upcoming dates:

  • 2022: August 2
  • 2023: August 1
  • 2024: August 6

What Night to Unite Does

  • Encourages neighbors to get outside, lock their doors, turn outside lights and spend the evening and enjoy their neighborhood.
  • Let’s neighbors to get to know one another to make the neighborhood safer.
  • Helps to celebrate and strengthen neighborhood and community partnerships. 
  • Brings our police officers and community members together under positive circumstances for a true sense of community. 
  • Builds neighborhood involvement to be a caring place to live.
  • Brings awareness to crime prevention and efforts of our police department.

Streets and Neighborhood Safety

The city does not recommend closing off roadways as a public safety matter. The city will no longer be providing any type of barricades or traffic cones to block or restrict traffic on a city street for non-city functions.  Please remember it is against state law to place items in the roadway.

For questions please contact Sgt. Adam Wiederhoeft by Email or call 651-450-2529.