Night to Unite

Join us! Strengthen IGH Neighborhoods.

Night to Unite is about neighbors joining together, building trust, and enhancing the police and community partnership. Neighborhoods in IGH are invited to host parties in driveways, yards and parks to celebrate and strengthen neighborhood and community partnerships by getting neighbors working together to create positive changes in an area. Get all the details below on how to host a party in your neighborhood.

Save the Date

Night to Unite is observed annually on the first Tuesday in August. This night is for neighbors joining together. Our hope is it is one night of may nights during the year that neighbors join together. 

Upcoming dates:

  • 2024: August 6
  • 2025: August 5
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Interested in Hosting a Night to Unite Party?

Night to Unite is a great opportunity to meet City staff, leadership, and Councilmembers, as they will be visiting as many parties as possible during the event. An online registration form is available each year from late June to mid-July.

Here are a few steps to Plan a Night to Unite Party.

Step 1: Decide to Get Involved

A Night to Unite party is a great opportunity to bring neighbors together. Neighbors who know each other and agree to watch out for suspicious behavior are a great defense against crime.

  • Night to Unite is a good reason for neighbors to join together to start building relationships with each other.
  • A Night to Unite party can be as simple as turning your outside lights on, locking your door, and inviting neighbors over. In some neighborhoods, these parties have evolved into block parties, cookouts, and potlucks – with food, music, games, and prizes. 
  • Neighborhoods can take part in the biggest crime prevention event in Minnesota in their own way.

Step 2: Party Planning

Plan a party that fits your neighborhood, block, street, multi-housing complex, etc. No two neighborhoods are the same and your party can reflect that. Participate in any kind of event that suits you and your neighbors.

Have a meeting about party planning. Even the simplest party requires some planning. Plus, a planning meeting is a great way to get others involved.

Some questions to ask:

  • How will you involve children? Our youth bring great energy and enthusiasm to Night to Unite parties. This is an opportunity to get all ages involved with Night to Unite planning. Involving children and teens can also have a great long-term benefit for your neighborhood. 
  • Where will you hold your event? Driveway/Garage, Lawn or park, Vacant lot, Parking lot, Multi-housing complex gathering area.

Figure out the details. 

  • Will the party have food and refreshments?
  • What kind and who will provide it, (cookout or potluck)?
  • Will the party have entertainment?
  • Is there an interest in featuring individual or group activities?
  • Can responsibilities be divided amongst neighbors?

Step 3: Make Sure You Have Materials

Check back for links to printable materials!

  • Door Hangers 
  • Party Notices 
  • Supply Pickup 

Make sure to invite your neighbors to your party! 

  • Put up a yard sign
    • Didn't get one at a pickup event? Make your own!
  • Make sure door hangers and/or party notices have been filled out with the specifics about your party.Then make copies.
    • We recommend you hand out the materials at least one week prior to the Night to Unite date. 
  • You can also use Word of Mouth. Tell everyone in your area about the upcoming event.

Step 5: Give Back to the Community

Your party can also make a difference for community members in need by collecting donations to benefit local organizations. The following organizations collect supplies and distribute them throughout IGH:

Neighbors, Inc.– Operates a food shelf that has been in operation since 1972 and is located in South St. Paul. They provide food items to a growing number of people in northern Dakota County. 

360 Communities – Operates two Lewis House Shelters that provide emergency housing and assistance to individuals and families escaping from domestic or sexual violence.

Step 6: Most Important...Have Fun!

  • Have some name tags for those that don’t know everyone.
  • Snap some pictures to share on social media and/or to create a digital Night to Unite photo book for the neighborhood. Don't forget to tag us on Facebook: @cityofinvergroveheights, @IGHParks, @IGHPDMN, @IGHFDMN
  • Gather email addresses of neighbors to keep in touch and to help promote and plan future Night to Unite events.
  • Enjoy the party!

Streets and Neighborhood Safety

The city does not recommend closing off roadways as a public safety matter. The city will no longer be providing any type of barricades or traffic cones to block or restrict traffic on a city street for non-city functions.  Please remember it is against state law to place items in the roadway.


Contact Lieutenant Adam Wiederhoeft by email at or by phone at 651-450-2529.