Regional Roadway System Visioning Study

RegionalRoadwaySystemVisioningStudyUpdateVisual Opens in new windowCity Council recently approved contributing funds to a regional Roadway System Visioning Study, a multi-jurisdictional planning effort led by Dakota County. 

A similar roadway visioning study was conducted in 2010, and with steady growth in our area, the plan is being revisited. 

Goals of the new study include identifying ways to improve commercial access to our region. 

Tentative project timeline

  • Fall 2021: Data collection and existing conditions analysis
  • Informational Open House: Nov. 9, 2021
  • Winter 2021-2022: Land use and transportation analysis, development of alternatives
  • Spring 2022: Present and finalize the study recommendations with input from the surrounding communities

To learn more about potential impacts in IGH and our region, 
you can visit: