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Comfort and serve everyone within our community, while preserving life, health, property and the environment. We will accomplish this by continually offering high quality fire prevention, community education, and emergency response services

The IGH Fire Department operates out of three stations, which serve the IGH community and provide mutual aid assistance to neighboring cities. Our firefighters respond to fire, rescue and medical emergencies, manmade and natural disasters, as well as hazardous materials incidents.  

The IGH FD incorporated nine new full-time staff into its team in spring of 2022. This brings the total full-time response staff to 12, which consists of three existing Captain positions, plus three new Lieutenants and six new Firefighters. The IGH FD also has six other full-time employees in leadership, inspections, training, and administrative support roles along with two Paid-On Call leadership roles. Meet our leadership staff here.

The 12 full-time responders will supplement the City’s average of 40-50 paid-on-call firefighters to staff two of the three stations 24/7, 365 days a year. One crew responding out of Station #1 located at 70th St. and Clayton Ave, and the other out of Station #2 located near the intersection of Courthouse Blvd and Concord Blvd. Having a crew ready at two stations shortens the response time to emergency calls and ensures help arrives as quickly as possible. 

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Learn more about how to become a firefighter

Fire Training - car on fire

IGH firefighters are certified by the Minnesota Fire Service Certification Board (MFSCB) to a minimum level of Firefighter II, HazMat Operations, and Fire Apparatus Operator III. 

Several IGH FFs are also MFSCB-certified to higher than minimum levels and for different areas of expertise such as fire instructors, inspectors, investigators, and/or officers. When eligible, IGH FFs are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Fire Training and Education (MBFTE).

For emergency medical and rescue response, IGH FFs are required to be certified by the Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board (EMSRB) to the level of Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), at a minimum, with several variances for more advanced care allowed by the department’s medical director. Several IGH FFs are certified to a higher level, including Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and certified paramedics. EMTs and paramedics are each certified through the Minn. EMSRB, and the National Registry of EMTs. All career response staff are certified to the level of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), at a minimum.

IGH FFs licenses and certifications are maintained by ongoing training curriculums set forth by the IGH FD Training Division and overseen by the IGH FD medical director.

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