How to Participate

  1. Adopt-a-Hydrant
  2. Fire Explorers
  3. Citizen Academy

Adopt a Hydrant1

Shovel Hydrants

When firefighters are digging – time keeps ticking. During a fire, seconds count, and after each snowfall, there are a few hydrants in Inver Grove Heights that become a little “hard to find.” 

Inver Grove Heights' firefighters need a three-foot area clear of snow and ice shoveled around each of the City’s fire hydrants and a three-foot wide path leading to the hydrant to the street.

Residents are encouraged to “Adopt-A-Hydrant” or two in their neighborhoods and make sure they are accessible after each snowfall. If a resident is physically unable to shovel a hydrant on their property, they are encouraged to ask a neighbor to help.

Hydrant Markers

All public fire hydrants (those located on easements, City property, and streets) should have a marker that allows the hydrant to be seen in deep snow. Residents who notice a public hydrant that isn’t marked are encouraged to notify the City of Inver Grove Heights Public Works Department, Streets/Utilities Division at (651) 450-4309.

Summer Months

In the summer months, some homeowners plant trees or landscape by a fire hydrant.  Residents need to keep this area clear. If there is a fire, firefighters need to be able to reach and use the hydrant. Plants will be trampled and a tree or a fence too close will be cut down.