We strongly encourage local businesses, residents, and visitors to report all suspicious activity or conduct that is believed to be illegal or detrimental to community safety and quality of life.  In such instances, we encourage the use of the 9-1-1, so calls can be screened by call takers and dispatchers at the Dakota County Communications Center. Know that Inver Grove Heights police officers are available around the clock to serve both the emergency and non-emergency needs of this community.

The Inver Grove Heights Police Department is an engaged and progressive law enforcement agency serving all who live, work, visit our safe, vibrant, and growing community.  The Inver Grove Heights Police Department has an authorized strength of 40 sworn officers (2018) and six non-sworn full-time equivalencies, who manage the department’s records and administrative support functions.

As a group, members of the department are highly educated professionals who receive regular advanced training focused on skill enhancement and professional development.

The Inver Grove Heights Police Department is committed to the use of evidence-based best practices in the provision of police services.  With the support of City leadership, the department employs a wide range of cutting-edge technology to improve service delivery, enhance operational efficiency, and aid in the measurement of outcomes.  Even while the department uses a wide array of modern investigative and crime detection practices, our predominant goal is the prevention of crime.  As a department, we are wholly invested in maintaining the safety, uniqueness, and livability of Inver Grove Heights.  

Please do not hesitate to contact department command staff members if you have any questions or concerns.

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