Peddlers & Solicitors

ID Required for Peddlers & Solicitors

A knock at the door may mean a visit from someone trying to sell items or solicit a donation. The City of Inver Grove Heights has several requirements for solicitors and peddlers that must be met in order to legally operate in the City. Each licensed solicitor or peddler should have proof of license signed and sealed by the City Clerk. If they don’t, they are not licensed with the City. You as a citizen have the right to call 911 when a person at the door doesn’t have proof of license or is acting or displaying suspicious behavior. 


  • All solicitors and peddlers must register with the city before conducting any activities.
  • Every solicitor and peddler must register regardless of whether or not a fellow employee or supervisor has already registered.
  • The fee for solicitors is $150 per person/registration that fee includes the background check.
  • The fee for peddlers is $180 per person/registration that fee includes the background check.
  • Solicitors do not need to be present to accept the application. The application must be notarized, driver’s license included and payment received with application to be considered a completed application.
  • Payment Options: check made payable to the City of Inver Grove Heights. Credit cards can only be accepted over the counter.
  • Duration of application review and background can be up to 2 weeks.


Religious, charitable organizations and students of schools located within the city do not need to register with the city. 

Required Material