Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

The City of Inver Grove Heights Property Maintenance program was established in an effort to educate residents on the requirements of the City Code that were adopted in an effort to maintain the health and safety of our residents while maintaining property values. The following is a list of the most common violations of city code and its citation. Click here to be directed to the City Code.

Parking Restrictions

Grass and Weeds 5-9-4 (D)

Please be mindful to keep yards cut to a height of no more than 8 inches and free of brush piles. Overgrown yards and brush piles can harbor rodents and animals and can give a property the appearance of vacancy which may attract vandals and crime.

Junk Vehicles 5-9-4 (B)
Vehicles being stored on a residential lot must have updated tabs and be operable. If a vehicle is inoperable, it must be stored in a garage or off the property until it is in working condition. You may perform repair work on your own vehicle; however it is illegal to run a vehicle repair operation out of a private, residential home.

Fences 10-15-12

Fence permits must be obtained before installation. Fences may be erected up to the property line with all portions of the fence, including the posts, on the owner’s property. The finished side of the fence must face out and fence height cannot exceed 42 inches in the front yard and may be no taller than 7 feet in the side and back yards. All fences must be maintained in good condition.

Trash and Refuse 8-6-5

All residents should have their trash collected by a licensed collector on a regular basis. Garbage can attract rodents and other animals to residential areas causing a potential health hazard. Storage of garbage in a residential area is not allowed for more than 14 calendar days. Trash containers should not sit at the curb any more than 12 hours prior to collection.

Home Businesses 10-15-26

Home businesses are allowed in the city, but must meet the following requirements:

  • Engaged in only by persons residing in the subject dwelling.
  • Conducted entirely within the dwelling, not in attached or detached accessory structures.
  • Evidence of the occupation shall not be visible from the street.
  • No signs other than those permitted in R districts are permitted.
  • No stock in trade is stored on the premises.
  • On site retail sales are not involved.
  • Entrance to the home occupation is gained exclusively from within the dwelling.
  • When the home occupation is a beauty/barber shop, entrance to the home occupation shall be a separate, direct entrance and shall not be from within the dwelling.

The Code Compliance Program is a complaint-based program. Please contact Code Compliance at 651-450-2491 or email if you have any questions or would like to file a complaint.

Commercial Property Maintenance

The City Council approved the commercial property maintenance agreement at its May 22, 2017 council meeting. The Planning Commission also approved of the ordinance. City staff spent time communicating the ordinance and seeking citizen input on the new regulation for several months before the ordinance was passed.

The ordinance require that businesses adequately maintain their building exteriors, parking lots, signs, lawns, and fire protection systems.

For example, a commercial building is required to establish a lawn within one year of completing the building and maintain it so it does not exceed eight inches in height. A parking lot would be required to be maintained free from hazardous conditions that endanger persons or property.

Below is a link with the new ordinance. Questions or complaints should be addressed to Code Enforcement or go through Staff Directory.