Winter Street Maintenance

Snow Removal - Approved Ordinance Changes

On October 9, 2023, the IGH City Council approved changes to the City Code regarding sidewalk snow removal, to clarify that snow removal on sidewalks adjacent to private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

In August 2023, impacted property owners were notified via mail of these proposed changes.

The Sidewalk and Trail Snow Removal Map on this page indicates areas in which snow removal is the responsibility of property owners or the responsibility of City Streets Maintenance crews. See a map of impacted streets

snow map
  1. Snow Removal
  2. Plow Damage
  3. Parking

Inver Grove Heights is split into eight major plow routes with a total of 150 miles of roadway and 270 cul-de-sacs to maintain. The Streets crew uses four tandem-axle dump trucks and five single-axle dump trucks, one in each of the nine designated routes. Each route has a support vehicle to help clear the snow from intersections and cul-de-sacs, which allows the dump trucks to work continuously.

Depending on the type of winter maintenance event, the crew typically starts between 1 and 4 a.m., with the plowing process typically taking seven to ten hours. Heavier, wetter snowfalls may take longer.

On the second day after a snowfall, main route trucks typically go through the routes a second time to remove remaining snow and take care of slick spots.

Please call the Streets Division 651-450-4309 if you have any questions regarding snow plowing, or submit questions here