Neighborhood Planning Initiatives

concord photo.jpgThe historic Concord Boulevard Neighborhood has experienced significant public investments in recent years, including the reconstruction of Concord Boulevard, the preservation and improvement of the historic Rock Island Swing Bridge Pier, the construction of the Mississippi River Regional Trail and upcoming trail head, restoration of the Mississippi River floodplain, clean up of environmental contamination, clearance of blighted properties, and property acquisition and planning for the Heritage Village Park.

The City now hopes to use these improvements and amenities to encourage private investment in the neighborhood. These private investments, in the form of new residential and commercial development, will:

• Improve the existing residential neighborhood
• Strengthen and increase commercial activities
• Increase property values
• Provide additional employment opportunities

To initiate this private investment, the City has recently completed the two following planning studies. The studies will provide guidance and direction for future City actions, property owner and business owner decisions, and development interests.

Concord Boulevard Neighborhood Plan
Design Guidelines
Heritage Village Park Master Plan

These are large documents with a lot of graphics - they will be slow to open.

If there are further questions or additional information is desired, please contact Allan Hunting, Interim Community Development Director at 651-450-2554 or by email.