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SURVEY: Amend City Code?

Tell Us What You Think About Market Gardens in IGH!

As a city government, we strive to meet the needs of our residents as they change over time. City Council is considering an amendment to the city code to address a relatively new trend called market gardens. A market garden is like a personal or community garden where food crops or ornamental crops, like flowers, are grown and harvested for personal use, consumption or donation, with one important distinction. A market garden would allow the same growing and harvesting of crops but would expand growing beyond personal use and allow for the retail sale of crops grown on site to the public. Sales would only occur in a house or garage (no tents on sidewalks or in driveways) and only a few days per week.

Currently the city code does not allow retail sales of products from residential districts. Allowing retail sales would be a departure from a long-standing restriction on residential-zoned properties. Before a change is made, City Council wants to find out what residents think about market gardens by conducting a short survey. Do you think city code should be amended to allow the retail sale of crops grown on property in a residential neighborhood?


Take our short survey on 
market gardens!


Planning in the City of Inver Grove Heights is centered on a comprehensive plan and specific zoning and subdivision ordinances that execute the comprehensive plan. The focus of these ordinances is to provide for the orderly development and redevelopment in the city.

The city's planning division is primarily responsible for the review and management of new developments, subdivisions, and redevelopment. The division coordinates the preparation of the comprehensive plan that lays out the long range plans for land use, transportation, parks and open space, housing, sanitary sewer and water, and economic development. The division also provides information and assistance to residents, businesses and developers.

The planning division administers the city's zoning and subdivision ordinances, which govern how property can be used and divided. The division makes recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on all land use issues. The division also acts as staff liaison to the Planning Commission, preparing reports and minutes. If you have questions about zoning, please call the Planning Department at (651) 450-2545.

Comprehensive Plan

In addition to complying with legislative mandates and regional planning requirements, the City of Inver Grove Heights has undertaken this plan to actively plan for its future so that the physical form of the community represents what the community wants to be, rather than a reaction to trends and patterns that result from outside forces.

This plan looks to the future and prescribes a plan and implementation strategy that is intended to provide guidance for decision making for the next 10 to 20 years.

The comprehensive plan includes the following chapters:
  • Environmental Protection
  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Park and Recreation
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Water Supply
  • Surface Water System
  • Critical Area Plan
Copies of the plan can be viewed at City Hall during normal business hours and at the Inver Glen Library.

Land Use Regulations

The zoning and subdivision codes (Titles 10 and 11) of the Inver Grove Heights City Code is the outline for land use regulation. Included in the zoning chapter are the requirements and restrictions for the use of property, including location, size, height of building, the position of buildings on lots, and the density of development.

The zoning chapter also includes a zoning map that assigns a specific category to each parcel of land within the city. Inver Grove Heights has 16 different zoning districts that range from residential (low-density development) to industrial. The zoning chapter is periodically reviewed and amended to reflect the changing values and goals within the community.