Flint, Michigan Disaster

There have been many items in the news lately concerning the elevated levels of lead in Flint, Michigan’s, drinking water. The City of Inver Grove Heights would like to assure the community that lead levels in its water supply have been in strict compliance with The Safe Drinking Water Act and the Minnesota Department of Health regulations since monitoring requirements were established in 1991.

Every three years samples are collected from City residents and are tested by an independent laboratory to determine lead and copper levels in its tap water. Lead and copper are naturally occurring minerals; however the majority of lead and copper in tap water comes from plumbing fixtures and copper piping in the home. While some public distribution systems contain lead service lines, brass water meters and lead-soldered mainline pipes, the City of Inver Grove Heights System is free of such components with the exception of brass water meters.

The Inver Grove Heights Utility Division is pleased to report that after twenty three years of this testing program we have not had any samples exceed the maximum contaminant thresholds established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for lead and copper. These tests were most recently conducted in 2013 and will be done again in June of 2016.

If you have any questions regarding lead, or testing the City routinely does for its drinking water, please contact Dan Helling Utility Superintendent at 651-450-2565 or Email.