Apparatus and Equipment

1. Engines

The engine company is the standard functional and organizational unit in the Inver Grove Heights Fire Department.  The Fire Department staffs one engine company per day 24/7/365 with either three or four firefighters.  An engine (or pumper) responds to all calls for service in the City.

2. Ladders

The ladder company can fill multiple roles on the fire scene that include: search and rescue, ventilation, forcible entry, and fire suppression.  A ladder is dispatched to all multi-unit residential and commercial structure fires, as well as automatic mutual aid to the South Metro Fire Department in West St. Paul and South St. Paul.

3. Tenders

Tenders are used to shuttle water to a fire scene that is beyond the reach of City water systems and can hold large amounts of water.  The set up portable drop tanks so that an engine may draft water from them to be pumped onto a fire.

4. Brush Trucks

Brush trucks are dispatched to fight small or medium outdoor fires, such as grass, brush, or very small structures.

5. Rescue Trucks

The rescue company can fill similar roles as a ladder company on a fire scene and act instead of the ladder company on rescue or medical calls.  A rescue is dispatched as the first support unit for car crashes, low-complexity technical rescues, and for additional staffing and equipment for severe medical emergencies.

6. Squads

Squads are command vehicles are primarily used by the chief's staff.  In addition, and based upon availability, however, squads are also used as staff vehicles by firefighters for transportation to training classes, meetings, and other tasks requiring travel.

7. Utility Trucks

Utility trucks are vehicles outfitted for very specialized tasks that fall within their realm of responsibility.