Ladders Trucks

The ladder truck has firefighting capabilities similar to an engine truck. However, the ladder truck has a hydraulically powered aerial platform ladder. A ladder truck is the first truck dispatched to any structure fire in a multi-family or commercial building.

Ladder 13

  • Make/Model: Pierce Velocity
  • Year: 2010Ladder 13
  • Manufacturer: Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Location: Station 1
  • Description: Ladder 13 was built to fill a need for aerial capability in all areas of the city where there are limited access widths (narrow streets/alleys/driveways) but when an elevated water stream is still needed.  It is a “Quint” meaning it can fill the role of Engine or Ladder on a fire scene, and has a 75-foot aerial device, a 1500 gpm PUC pump, a 500 gallon water tank, hose, and ground ladders.  Ladder 13 is also outfitted with a Genesis battery-powered combi-tool (Jaws of Life) and can carry up to six firefighters.

Ladder 35

  • Make/Model: Grumman Aerialcat
  • Year: 1988Ladder 35
  • Manufacturer: Grumman Aerospace Corporation
  • Location: Station 3
  • Description: Ladder 35 was built to serve the expanding apartment complexes and commercial buildings on the North End as well as the commercial structures on the South End.  The 102.5 foot reach of its aerial platform can extend to almost any building in the city with ease.  Ladder 35 is equipped with a 1500 gpm Waterous pump, but only carries 200 gallons of water onboard.  Ladder 35 has room for up to seven firefighters.