Proposed Ordinances

In the 2017 Legislation session, a new statute in Minnesota chapter 415 was created which requires certain types of notice for many proposed ordinances or proposed amendment to ordinances. Only interim ordinances have been exempted from this notice requirement. Therefore, the City of Inver Grove Heights will use this page as the place to post the proposed ordinance.  

 The city will also notify by:

  • Providing email notification of the proposed ordinances. If you’re interested, you may sign up for ordinance notifications.
  • Offering a hard copy, available upon request, of the ordinance at IGH City Hall.  Visit the front counter to request,
    M-F 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

There are three readings that are required for an ordinance approval unless the Council determines that the ordinance can be accepted in one reading. Public hearing notices are published in the Pioneer Press the Sunday before the City Council meeting.  

Please note that failure to provide a notice does not invalidate the adoption or amended ordinance. 

Proposed Ordinance Update - Background Checks for Managers of Licensed Premises 

The City of Inver Grove Heights proposes an ordinance update to City Code Title 1, Chapter 10, Section 2 and Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 9, which would specifically authorize a background check for the managers of licensed premises (premises with liquor licenses). A first reading of this proposed amendment will be heard at the City Council meeting on May 23, 2022. You can read the draft ordinance amendment here.

Proposed Ordinance Update - Vehicle Idling

The City of Inver Grove Heights proposes amending City Code Title 6 with the addition of a Chapter 7. The purpose of the amendment is to better protect the public health by reducing vehicular emissions and noise pollution near residential areas casued by certain idling vehicles. A second reading of this proposed amendment will be heard at the City Council meeting on May 23, 2022. You can read a draft of the proposed ordinance update here

Proposed Ordinance - Amending Mississippi River Critical Corridor Policy and Guidelines

The City of Inver Grove Heights holds that the Mississippi River corridor is a unique and valuable national resource. The prevention and mitigation of irreversible damage to this resource aligns with the City’s core values and promotes the health and well-being of the City and its residents. In furtherance of this, the City of Inver Grove Heights proposes adopting updated policy and guidelines for the Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area consistent with Minnesota Rule 6106 adopted in 2017. In order to maintain consistency with state rules and the City's adopted comprehensive plan, Title 10, Chapter 13, Article C of the Inver Grove Heights City Code adopted on 11-08-2004 by ordinance 1098 would be repealed in its entirety and replaced. A public hearing regarding this update is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17, 2021 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Learn more:

Draft Proposed Ordinance

Presentation to the City Council on Mississippi River Corridor Proposed Ordinance Update

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Guide to Mississippi River Critical Corridor Zoning Updates

Proposed Ordinance - Right of Way Management - Small Cellphone Towers

Consider second reading and hold a public hearing on an ordinance amending City Code Title 7, Chapter 3 relating to public rights of way management, as it relates to the installation of small cellphone towers in IGH.

Proposed Ordinance - Right of Way Management - Small Cell (PDF)

Check Back for Summaries of New Proposed Ordinances 

Any revisions to proposed ordinances appear in City Council agenda packets for the second and third readings of proposed ordinances. A "reading" refers to when a proposed ordinance is reviewed during a City Council meeting. During the review process, the public has the oportunity to provide feedback and comments on proposed ordinances. You can find out when public hearings and ordinance readings take place by visiting our Agenda Center.