Heart Safe Community Initiative

Heart Safe Community

The Inver Grove Heights Fire Department has begun working jointly with a number of different local entities, including Simley High School, Inver Hills Community College EMS, and several others, to establish the city of Inver Grove Heights as a Heart Safe Community.  It does so through widespread CPR training throughout the community and affiliates, widespread AED placement and maintenance in public places, and aggressive resuscitation protocols by our firefighters and first responders.  Examples include:

  • The instruction of lay person, or hands-only, CPR at each of our Public Education events
  • The offering of American Heart Association approved CPR classes taught by a certified instructors at a number of affiliated facilities
  • Widespread placement and maintenance of AED units by a number of affiliated facilities throughout the city
  • Adoption of aggressive BLS (basic life support) cardiac arrest treatment variances by Inver Grove Heights Fire Department medical direction

The goal of a Heart Safe Community is to give any persons living, visiting, or passing through Inver Grove Heights, the best possible chances of neurologically intact, long-term survival by providing high-quality treatment and care each minute from the moment of the initial cardiac event to pre-hospital care by Fire and EMS professionals to definitive long-term care at a medical facility.