Community Survey

2019 Community Survey

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June 2019 Update

Thanks to everyone whom participated in our Community Survey (distributed in the month of April). We have collected the responses and are working to gather all of the data.

We do have available the Ratings and Comments - view those results:

As we collect more details, we will provide them on this page and in our INSIGHTS Resident Newsletter.

Community Survey Background

In Fall 2018, we surveyed residents and visitors to collect feedback about the services we provide. The full results of the survey can be downloaded here (PDF).

We offered the survey on our website and other social media platforms, as well as an option to respond on a paper copy. We received 348 responses, and 41 (12 percent) of those persons requested a follow-up phone call or email. Staff have responded to each of those individual requests. Of all respondents, 92 percent were Inver Grove Heights residents and eight percent were from 13 other localities. In averaging all Service Area ratings, 57 percent were Excellent or Good, 23 percent were Fair or Poor, and 20 percent had No Opinion.

The survey also provided respondents an opportunity to express their viewpoint about a particular service area in more detail. These comments are available in full as well (individuals’ information has been redacted). There were 566 individual comments made or questions asked. They were broadly categorized as positive (23 percent), negative (40 percent), and neutral (37 percent).

Many of the remarks reflected more than one individual category. Overall, several common themes emerged. In order of frequency, the top ten topics mentioned are:

  • Condition of City Streets —13%
  • Commercial Development — 9%
  • Professionalism of Police Officers — 8%
  • Recreational Programming — 6%
  • Completeness/Quality of Snowplowing — 5%  
  • Parks and Trails — 5%
  • Empty Store Fronts — 5%
  • Have never needed Fire Service — 4%
  • Don’t have City Water — 4%
  • Professionalism of Staff — 4%

The top ten list is not a complete representation. Several other common themes emerged. Those topics, in order of frequency, are: 

  • Restaurants
  • Housing
  •  Other (under Planned Appearance)
  • Patch and Repair of Streets
  • Response/Response Time of Fire Department
  • Timeliness of Snowplowing
  • Helpfulness (under Customer Service)
  • GreenSpace/Recreation (under Planned Appearance)
  • City Council (under Overall Services)
  • General Development (under Overall Services)
  • Taste and Smell of City Water, and 
  • Parks and Recreation Facilities.

The purpose of collecting this information is to use it to improve our services and provide information to residents. In the coming months we will publish fact sheets that address the most widely reported concerns and questions