Learn about our new Energy Action Plan and how you can participate. Our goal is to connect all community members to resources that help save energy and money. View the information below to learn how to start taking action today in your home or business!

  1. Homeowners & Renters
  2. Business Owners & Renters
  3. Multi-Family Property Owners & Managers
  4. Schools, Nonprofits & Places of Worship

Homeowners and Renters

From adjusting your behavior to replacing old equipment, you can decrease your energy usage and costs, and your environmental impact.

Sign Up for a Free Virtual Energy Audit

Contact Home Energy Squad (651-328-6220) to learn how to lower your energy bills and increase your home’s comfort.

Get Help With Your Energy Bills

Learn if you are eligible for payment assistance by contacting Community Action Partnership for Scott, Carver and Dakota Counties (651-322-3500)

Learn 101 Ways to Save Energy and Money

Check out Xcel Energy’s 101 Energy Saving Tips and get started today.

Find Rebates for Household Project Costs

Discover rebates available for replacing heating and cooling equipment, water heaters, insulation and more.

Go Green with Renewable Energy

Learn how to support renewable energy by joining utility subscription programs, installing solar panels and more.

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