Property and Evidence

Retrieving Property held by the Department's Evidence Unit

The Evidence Unit has the responsibility of receiving, documenting, storing and maintaining the integrity and security of all property and evidence collected. Property that lost/found, stolen/recovered, or used in an investigation may be reclaimed from the Evidence Unit.

  • All property that is requested to be released, must first be approved. 
  • Once property is available to be release, it is only available for 90-days. After 90-days the property may be forfeited and destroyed.

Making an appointment:

The evidence unit is available by appointment only

  • Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
    • Closed on weekends and City holidays.

Before property can released, an appointment will need to be made by calling or emailing the department's evidence technician. 

When making an appointment the case number (sometimes called incident number) is required as that is how it is entered into the evidence room.  The case number will always begin with the year the incident occurred (e.g. 19-123456).

  • The evidence technician will need to verify with investigating officer that property can be returned to the owner before an appointment can be made.

Releasing property:

When property is approved to be released, it can only be released to the identified owner.  If the identified owner is not able to retrieve the property they will need to work with the evidence technician to allow the property to be released to another person.  The property owner will be required to provide notarized documentation allowing the property to be released to another person who has proper identification. 

The following is needed when picking up the property: 

  1. Valid government issued photo identification
  2. Case number
  3. Any additional paperwork that was given to you (notification card, letter, etc.) 
  4. Notarized documentation if property is not being released to identified owner 

Evidence Technician: 

Lieutenant John Daniels

  • Office: 651-450-2466
  • Email: