Do you work with fire departments in other cities?

Through formal mutual aid agreements, a request can be put out to give to and receive help from any fire department in Dakota County, as well as many departments in southeast Washington County. In addition, for structure fire calls, we have what is called auto-aid, as no single department has enough personnel to always cover their community for those larger incidents. 

 For auto-aid calls, certain types of emergencies are programmed into the computer aided dispatch system to call one of our neighboring departments for help at the same time our own firefighters are alerted. This is done to bring additional trained staff to the scene as quickly as possible, without someone having to remember to request them. Our auto-aid agreements are recognized by many insurance companies who consider the neighboring fire department as an IGH fire station. As a result, residents and businesses are able to see a reduction in their insurance premiums because of our auto-aid agreements.  

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17. Do you work with fire departments in other cities?
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