I didn't get a notice in the mail. Why not? How can I get one?

Notices were sent to every property that receives water from the IGH water treatment facility. If you are a renter, your landlord might have received the notice for your address, or if you have a private well and do not use City water, you would not have received a notice. Additionally, some residents who receive a water bill from the City of IGH actually get their water from either the Eagan water treatment facility or the South St. Paul water treatment facility. In these cases, you would not have received a notice about radium levels in your water because your home or business does not get City of IGH water. 

To view the public notice, please visit www.ighmn.gov/waternotice, or email water@ighmn.gov with any questions. 

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1. When was the City made aware of the radium level being out of compliance?
2. How high are the radium levels?
3. What steps are being taken by the City of IGH?
4. How long will this take to correct?
5. Should I boil my water?
6. Should I drink bottled water?
7. Can children drink City water?
8. Will a carbon filter remove radium from water?
9. Is City water safe for bathing, swimming and brushing teeth?
10. Will the City be updating its water treatment plant to better address radium removal?
11. Where can residents find more information?
12. I didn't get a notice in the mail. Why not? How can I get one?
13. I have a private well. How do find information about radium levels in my drinking water?