What are the benefits to my property of paying a stormwater fee? Why am I required to pay it?

The fee pays the costs for mandated planning and permit tasks that affect every parcel in the City. It also pays for operation and maintenance of the stormwater management system that serves the public streets, which are necessary to access parcels throughout the City. Stormwater system upkeep is not limited to pipes and ponds; it includes street sweeping activities, maintenance of ditches, culverts, and ravines, and addressing a wide variety of drainage concerns from all types of property across the City. Costs specific to certain areas are reflected in the surcharge portion of the fee for those areas (i.e., Northwest Area), or may be collected via other means, such as special assessments for street and utility projects, or stormwater Special Taxing Districts.

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1. What is a stormwater utility?
2. Why is a stormwater utility needed?
3. How was the current rate structure developed?
4. What are the current stormwater monthly rates and fees?
5. How will I be billed?
6. Why is the Northwest Area Developed rate higher than the Urban rate?
7. How are rates approved?
8. Why doesn’t the City use property tax revenue to cover these costs?
9. How does the fee structure address properties that retain most, or all, of the stormwater runoff they generate?
10. What happens to existing stormwater Special Tax District levies?
11. Are all of the various stormwater management features in the Northwest Area required, or are they unnecessary enhancements being forced on developers by the City?
12. Charging ISD 199 property and City-owned property the stormwater Utility Fee is an extra cost to taxpayers. Why was this action taken?
13. How are fees collected, and how is fund use tracked?
14. What are the benefits to my property of paying a stormwater fee? Why am I required to pay it?
15. Who can I call with questions about stormwater?
16. Can I get a printable version of these FAQs?