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Mobile Food Vendor Application


  1. 1. Description
  2. 2. Section I: Event Details
  3. 3. Section 2: Application Process
  4. 4. Section 3: Acceptance Process
  5. 5. Section 4: Vendor Contact Information
  6. 6. Section 5: Vendor Background Information
  7. 7. Section 6: Vehicle Insurance
  8. 8. Section 7: Application Checklist
  9. 9. Section 8: Vendor Signature
  • Description

    1. City of Inver Grove Heights 2023 Food Truck Events
    2. Mobile Food Vendor Application

      Are you a mobile food vendor interested in participating in 2023 Inver Grove Heights Food Truck Day event? If so, please complete this form. This form will be used to determine vendor eligibility to participate. Submission of this form does not guarantee participation in the event. Vendor space is limited by anticipated guest attendance and food type(s) sold.

      Please review the following information. Complete and submit the form by June 4 to be considered.