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1. Where is the Police Department located?
2. What are the lobby hours?
3. What number should I call if I don't have an emergency?
4. Do you provide fingerprinting services?
5. What is the curfew for juveniles?
6. Is there an overnight parking ordinance?
7. My vehicle was impounded, where can I retrieve it?
8. What should I do if I find and injured wild animal?
9. I saw a coyote/cougar/wolf. What should I do?
10. Can I drive a mini-bike or motorized scooter on the sidewalk or roadway?
11. What are the City's regulations for door-to-door sales?
12. What are the regulations on the use of BB guns and paintball guns?
13. Can I have a bonfire in my yard?
14. What should I do if I'm in a car accident?
15. How do I obtain a copy of my Accident/Police report?
16. How can I get a background check done on myself?
17. How can I get a copy of my Minnesota Driving Record?
18. I would like to report a non-violent crime with no suspects or witnesses.
19. I have been the victim of Identity Theft, what should I do?
20. How do I obtain a restraining order/order for protection?
21. I lost my cell phone and my carrier says I need a police report in order to get reimbursed.
22. How do I obtain a permit to purchase a firearm?
23. How do I obtain a permit to carry a firearm?
24. I've lost my citation, how can I pay my fine?
25. I lost something and want to know if it was turned into the police department.
26. How do I retrieve my confiscated property?
27. I've locked my keys in my car, can the Police help me?
28. I would like my child seat to be inspected to ensure it was properly installed, who do I call?