Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

The IGH PD is a participating agency with the Minnesota Department of Commerce Fraud Bureau’s Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Pilot Program.

The program intends to deter the theft of catalytic converters by permanently marking them with a unique identification number that can be traced back to a specific owner. This permanent marking helps increase the chance of a successful prosecution if someone is caught with a marked catalytic converter.

The Commerce Fraud Bureau chose the CATGUARD label solution. The kits provided by the Commerce Fraud Bureau will only be available to IGH residents who are owners of the most targeted vehicles for catalytic converter theft (listed below).

Due to the limited number of available kits, the IGH PD wants to maximize the effectiveness of the pilot program by ensuring kits are properly and professionally applied. So, we have partnered with a few local auto repair businesses (listed below) to apply the kit at no charge to owners. However, a vehicle owner does not need to use a partnering auto repair business, if a vehicle owner patronizes a different auto repair business. We will still help with the registration process and then provide the vehicle owner with their kit.

Catalytic Prevention Program photo

Catalytic Converter Marking Process

  1. Labels are installed by sticking them onto a - cool to the touch - catalytic converter.
  2. A fluid is then painted onto the label, which, once a vehicle is started, causes the unique number to be etched into the metal. 

To learn more about the CATGUARD, view this informational CATGUARD install video on YouTube.

Please note: The installation process requires the catalytic converter to be clean, dry, and cool to the touch when the label is applied. As a result, installation times may vary and our local partnering auto repair businesses will let you know how long it will take upon the prearranged arrival of your vehicle.

Top 15 vehicles targeted for catalytic converter theft

Chevrolet Express 
Ford Econoline 
Ford F250 
Honda Accord 
Honda CRV
Honda Element 
Honda Odyssey 
Hyundai Santa Fe 
Hyundai Tucson 
Kia Sportage
Mitsubishi Eclipse 
Mitsubishi Lancer
Mitsubishi Outlander 
Toyota Prius 
Toyota Tundra

Register for a Kit

To receive a CATGUARD kit we ask Inver Grove Heights residents who are owners of the most targeted vehicles for catalytic converter theft (which are listed above) to contact us via email at and include:

  • Name
  • IGH address (this allows us to verify you are a resident)
  • Contact information (phone and email)
  • Vehicle information: make, model, and license plate number (REMINDER the vehicle must be one of the top 15 vehicles listed above)

We will then register the CATGUARD kit with the information the vehicle owner provides and arrange a time for the vehicle owner to pick up their kit at the IGH PD.

Please note: Installation requires the converter to be clean, dry, and cool to the touch when the label is applied. As a result, the auto repair business may need the vehicle for an extended amount of time. We ask owners to make arrangements with the auto repair business for the installation, just showing up may not guarantee availability that day for installation. 

Local Partnering Auto Repair Businesses

  • Christian Brother Automotive (southern IGH); 
    Contact number: 651-758-8522 
    Address: 9963 Diffley Court, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
  •  Paul’s Auto & Tire (central IGH)
    Contact number: 651-450-1326 
    Address: 3052 65th Street E., Inver Grove Heights 55076

  •  TGK Automotive (northern IGH)
    Contact number: 651-450-4426
    Address: 5641Blackburn Lane, Inver Grove Heights, 55076 

The partnering businesses have agreed to:

  •  Install the labels at no cost to vehicle owners.  
  • Provide a free vehicle inspection to help owners understand what services their vehicles may need.