Snow Removal Facts


  • A fully loaded snowplow truck with sand and salt weighs between 30,000 and 56,000 pounds
  • The same table salt we use on food is used to melt snow and ice
  • Approximately 6500 tons of salt and sand were used on city streets during the 2006-07 winter season Approximately 135 miles of roadway, over 200 cul-de-sacs, 30 miles of sidewalks and seven city parking lots are plowed with each snowfall over 4 inches
  • The city has seven snow removal routes. Main thoroughfares that link state and/or county roads together have priority in snow removal / sanding to permit access by emergency vehicles and life support services
  • A minimum three-foot clear space around the circumference of a fire hydrant will reduce the time it takes firefighters to hook up hoses if a fire occurs in your neighborhood