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Construction Projects

  1. Bryant Lane - 2021 Improvement Project Updates

    2021-09D project public meetings

  2. Carleda Way Area Reconstruction Project Updates (2022)

    2016-09F Carleda Way Area Reconstruction project public meetings

  3. Delaney - 2021 Project Virtual Meeting & Project Updates Registration

    2020-09D project public meetings

  4. Good Samaritan Pond - 2021 Project Updates

    2020-09D Good Samaritan Pond project public meetings

  5. Northwest Area Sewer Improvements - Robert District

    2015-20 Future Northwest Area Sewer Improvements - Robert District public meetings

  1. Cahill Trunk Drainage Improvements Project - 2021

    2016-13 Cahill Trunk Drainage Improvements Project meetings

  2. Dawn Way - 2023 Project Updates

    Dawn Way Project Public Meetings

  3. Future 65th Street Study

    2016-19 Future 65th Street between Robert Trl (Hwy 3) and Babcock Trl project public meetings

  4. Northwest Area Emergency Pumping Systems - 2021 Improvement Project

    2021-03 NWA project public meetings

Council Meetings

  1. City Council Meetings: Pick the Best Day and Time

    Please provide feedback on what day and time you would like to see IGH City Council meetings held.

Misc Forms

  1. Contact Us
  2. Ighy Virtual Trick-or-Treat 2021

    Ighy the Cat has checked out three (3) environmental pages on the website...Can you be the first to find each of her hiding... More…

  3. Terrific Tuesday: Will Hale Performance Sign-up

    Terrific Tuesday: Will Hale Performance Sign-up

  1. IGH Earth Day Virtual Workshops

    This Earth Week we are gathering virtually to share small actions you can take right at home that make a big impact on our local air,... More…

  2. Name the IGH Northwest Area Park!

    Be a part of deciding the name of the newest park in Inver Grove Heights located in the northwest area of the city.

MS4 and Storm Water

  1. Local Storm Water Impacts Meeting - Feedback Form

    Each year, our residents have the opportunity to provide input on local storm water issues, including how we will keep your water clean... More…

Pavement Management Task Force

  1. Pavement Management Citizen Task Force Application

    City Council established a new Citizen Task Force on Pavement Management to examine the city's pavement management program from top to... More…