Urban Agriculture

Sustainable Landscaping & Zoning

Sustainable landscaping refers to landscape design and practices that work with nature, protect surface waters and minimize negative impacts to the environment. At first glance, it may seem that all lawns and gardens benefit the environment, however some landscape features and practices impact the environment in a more positive or negative way than others. 

View the following content and links to learn how to support the city's natural resources by implementing sustainable practices in your yard or within the community.

  1. Yard Waste & Composting
  2. Community Gardens
  3. Diseased Trees
  4. Temporary Goat Grazing Permit

Yard Waste

One-third of our trash is made of organic materials like yard waste and food scraps. 

Learn how to dispose of yard waste locally by visiting the Yard Waste and Organics tab of our Trash & Recycling Page

Compost Your Pumpkin Event

Learn more about how to dispose of your pumpkins on our Collections Event page.