Watering Restrictions

Watering Restrictions

To encourage water conservation, maintain adequate water pressure, and ensure fire-fighting reserves, Inver Grove Heights asks you to restrict both the day and time that you water your lawn.

Before turning on your sprinkler, remember that:

  • Lawn watering should not occur between noon and 5 p.m. every day of the week.
  • Watering before noon and after 5 p.m. on an odd/even schedule is preferred. This means that residents and businesses with addresses ending in an even number (2, 4, 6, etc.) would water their lawn on even-numbered calendar days. Likewise, those with addresses ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, etc.) would sprinkle lawns on odd-numbered calendar days.

Residents may wash vehicles and do hand-held hose watering of shrubs, flowers and trees on any day and at any time, if the hose has an automatic shut-off. Recreational uses, such as children running through a sprinkler are also exempted.

If new sod, seed or landscaping has been placed, residents do not need to follow the odd-even guidelines for unattended watering during the first 30 days following planting. However, please do still abide by the mid-day ban from noon to 5p.

Non-City Water Customers

These guidelines do not apply to people who use sources of water other than the city water system (private wells).