Treatment Plant

The City of Inver Grove Heights has one water treatment plant, located at 2015 75th Street East, capable of producing up to 12 million gallons of water daily. The treatment plant is designed to remove naturally occurring iron, manganese and radium from the City’s 7 raw water wells. This is accomplished by aeration and chemical means during filtration. Chemicals are monitored continuously for proper dosages. After filtration, chlorine disinfectant is added to ensure a safe product in the system. Fluoride is also added to the final product to maintain healthy teeth as mandated by the Minnesota Department of Health.

The City of Inver Grove Heights Utility Division performs 40 water samples throughout each month to ensure that there are no harmful bacteria within the system. These samples are tested at a state-certified laboratory. The Minnesota Department of Health also inspects the treatment plant and the water system numerous times each year. This ensures quality water that meets all the state and federal guidelines. This facility is capable of operating on an extended basis with an emergency backup generator.