Frozen Water Lines

Your water service coming into your home or business may be at risk of freezing during prolonged periods of bitter cold. If you have had issues with this in the past, here are a few things that you can do to prepare:

• Monitor the weather for extended periods of severe cold
• Allow warm air to circulate in the area where the water comes into the building
• Leave utility room doors open and clear space around the water meter
• If possible/practical leave snow cover over the area where your water line runs from the curb box to the building
• If you have had your water service freeze in the past and you feel that it that it might again, please contact the Utility Division at 651-450-4309
• When leaving for extended periods of time (vacations), during extreme cold, please notify the Utility Division if you think there may be a possibility of a freeze up.

If your water line does freeze:

• Use heat tape, a space heater or a warm hair dryer on the pipe where your water enters the home
• Call the Utility division if this method does not work