Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission


The Park and Recreation Advisory Commission is a nine-member citizen commission appointed by the City Council to review residential proposals for park dedication requirements, review recreational programs and activities and determine long-range objectives for park acquisition and development.


Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.

Meetings are televised live on local Xfinity Channel 18 or 19 or live streamed on Town Square Television. The public is encouraged to attend and is able to address the commission during any public hearings. This input becomes part of the public record and along with the commission's recommendation, will be used by the City Council to reach a decision.


NameFirst TermTerm ExpirationPhoto
Wilfred Krech6/922022Image Coming Soon
Steve Cook, Chair6/182024Commissioner Cook
Niki Barker, Vice Chair6/182024Commissioner Barker, Vice Chair
Derek Schwanz6/192022Image Coming Soon
Sandra Christensen5/202023Image Coming Soon
Kari Miller5/202023Commissioner Miller
Elaine Prickel5/202023Commissioner Prickel 3
Curt Ellingboe5/212024Commissioner Ellingboe

Members are appointed for three-year terms expiring in May of that year.

parks and rec commission - June 2021

Left to Right: Derek Schwanz, Curt Ellingboe, Elaine Prickel, Steve Cook - Chair, Sandra Christensen, Greg Stone
Front and center: Nikki Barker – Vice Chair
Missing: Wilfred Krech, Kari Miller

Minutes & Agendas

Agendas are generally available the Friday before the scheduled advisory commission meeting, and minutes are generally available after the following months meeting.

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