Water Resources

Water is vital for life. It is important to respect our city's valuable river, lakes and wetlands and understand how water resources play a critical role in making Inver Grove Heights a great place to live.

As the population increases and rapid rainfall average increases, water runoff increases and the stormwater drainage systems, natural and constructed water bodies are affected. Residents and businesses can all help protect and improve the quality of our water resources.

  1. Did You Know?
  2. What Can You Do to Protect the Watershed?
  • Inver Grove Heights is the land of over 630 lakes and wetlands and borders with the mighty Mississippi River. That's a lot of water to consider.
  • Everything that goes into the stormwater drains, located in streets throughout the city, goes directly to our lakes and the river in our watershed.
  • The greatest source of water pollution in cities is from stormwater runoff.

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