Water Resources

Water is vital to the city. It is important to respect our city's valuable river, lakes and wetlands and understand how water resources play a critical role in making Inver Grove Heights a great place to live. Protecting our water resource is a major concern. As the rapid rainfall average increases, water run offs, drainage systems and natural and constructed water bodies are affected. Preventing pollution and reducing surface water can be done. Residents and Businesses can help improve our water resources. The storm drain in your street is a link to our lakes and rives. Incorporating rain gardens, not sweeping leaves into the streets and clearing basins, adding a rain garden to your yard are all measures that can help keep our water safe and clean. 

What can I do?

Opportunity to apply for Eagan-IGH Watershed Management Organization

Serve on the Board of Managers 

The City of Inver Grove Heights is accepting applications from residents to serve on the Board of Managers for the Eagan-Inver Grove Heights Watershed Management Organization (WMO). 

Qualifications & Responsibilities
The person interested in this position should have an appreciation for water quality, watershed management, and could be involved with work on special committees, grant opportunities, budgetary matters, public education, technical oversight, storm water management, and environment and drainage issues within the watershed. The E-IGHWMO Board of Managers meet every two months on a Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.  

Appointment Deadline & Decision
Contact Kathy Fischer at 651-450-2570 or by email at kfischer@ighmn.gov to request an application. The first review of applications will occur on Thursday, November 12, 2020. The City Council, at their regular meeting, will decide on one appointment for a duration of three years.  

About the Eagan-IGH WMO
This is an independent government organization that provides water resources management guidance and public education to address storm water policy and projects within the watershed shared by Eagan and Inver Grove Heights. The WMO operates with five representatives from two communities and addresses storm water and drainage issues that are intercommunity related.

Additional Resources

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