Stormwater Project Plan- Mississippi River

Historical Significance

The rock island swing bridge is one of the idyllic areas of Inver Grove Heights. It has many visitors and is a great area to catch glimpses of a lunar eclipse or stargaze. It also provides access to the Mississippi River for visitors.

The Mississippi River and Turbidity

The Mississippi River borders the City of Inver Grove Heights. It is also an area of concern because it is listed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on its 2014 Impaired Water list. The list consists of those waters with turbidity, a measure of the water's cloudiness. High turbidity is caused by excessive concentrations of suspended solid particles in the water. One contributor of turbidity is discharge from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4).

What is the City doing

The City's MS4 system which discharges into the Mississippi River is identified at the South Metro Mississippi River Total Suspended Solids Total Maximum Load. The City is currently working with the MPCA on grant funding to help decrease the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL). The City wants to create funding opportunities to change the turbidity. By doing this, the city would adopt a best management practice (BMPs) to reduce the amount of TSS discharged through the storm sewers to the Mississippi River. Currently, the City has identified sources of grant funding to offset costs to meeting BMPs.

Show your Support

Do you support proposed Stormwater BMP Projects? Share your comments and/or support by emailing City Staff - Engineering Dept.

For more detailed information

Executive Summary - Stormwater Project Plan for Stormwater Facilities in Area Tributary to the Mississippi River, dated January 2015

Stormwater Project Plan for Stormwater Facilities in Area Tributary to the Mississippi River