The property taxes within the City of Inver Grove Heights are the result of combining the respective tax levies from all overlapping taxing districts. The overlapping taxing districts in Inver Grove Heights are Independent School District's numbers 196, #197 and #199, Dakota County, the City of Inver Grove Heights, and other various taxing districts; including but not limited to, Met Council, Met Transit, and mosquito control.

The city conducts annual budget hearings to discuss the proposed budget and tax levies and to solicit public comment. This hearing is usually held in December, following a public notice in the newspaper. Dakota County prepares and mails parcel specific notices to property owners in November informing them of the public hearings and the proposed property taxes on their respective parcels.

The county determines the tax capacity for each and every parcel based on class rates determined by the state legislature, the assessed value placed on the property by the county assessor's office and the property's classification. The tax capacity is used to determine the proper allocation of all overlapping tax levies to specific properties. For more information visit the County Assessor's office or the County Auditor's office.